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You are invited to our 13th annual Troppo's Fishing Competiton on the weekend of 11th-13th December, 2020.

$ 15 per adult

$ 5 per junior

(Juniors are under 13 on 11th December )

Over $10,000 in prizes

Upcoming Events

  • Troppo's Fishing Comp 2023
    Troppo's Fishing Comp 2023
    Sun, 10 Dec
    10 Dec, 1:00 pm – 13 Dec, 6:00 pm
    Woree, Angela St & Sondrio St, Woree QLD 4868, Australia
    10 Dec, 1:00 pm – 13 Dec, 6:00 pm
    Woree, Angela St & Sondrio St, Woree QLD 4868, Australia
    The annual fishing comp is back for 2023!!

Register: Thursday 10th December, & Friday 11th December - 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Where: Clubhouse, Corner of Angela St & Sondrio St Woree.
Weigh In: 3:30 pm TO 6 pm Sunday 13th @ Brothers Clubhouse.

Food and Drinks available at Weigh in, Eftpos facility available


  • To win you must be at the presentation Sunday 13th

  • Rain, hail or shine - WE WILL GIVE AWAY ALL PRICES


The whole family, young & old, everyone welcome

  • We have a Spearfishing category for Cray fish, no other fish taken by spear fishing or any other means may be entered.

  • One fish can win one prize only. (Exception is Special Prize – Outstanding Catch of the Comp)

  • A Junior (U13) may enter a fish for a senior prize but that same fish is not then eligible to win the junior prize.

  • Only one fish per species per contestant can be entered the Mystery categories,

  • Mystery Winners will be determined by special draws from the Barrel of contestants that have weighed in that species.

  • Where a category contains multiple species, the winning fish is the heaviest fish from the combined species.

  • The competition ‘fishing time’ will be from 1:00am Friday Morning through to 4.30pm on Sunday. Anglers may fish any time between these hours. Fish must be weighed in between 3:30pm to 6:00pm on the Sunday afternoon at Brothers Hockey grounds Sondrio Street. Woree.

  • Fish must be caught after official commencement time and anglers must be present at Brothers Hockey grounds by the end of weigh-in at 6pm on Sunday.

  • All fish to be weighed must be gilled and gutted and presented in a fresh condition. Fish that have been frozen will not be accepted for weigh-in. Fish may be cut as necessary to fit into an esky. Prizes will be awarded based on weight and only for fish presented at weigh in.

  • Weighing or registering fish on behalf of other Anglers is not permitted. Anglers must be present at the weigh-in on Sunday to be eligible for prizes.

  • Fish caught from a Fish Farm are not eligible for prizes.

  • An angler who is under 13 on 11 December 2020 will be considered a junior competitor.

  • Weigh-in winners will be declared by the judges and decisions will be final.

  • Mud Crabs must be live, whole and safely secured.

  • “Other Fish” must be an accepted table fish as decided by the judges. For example, Sharks, Trevally, Queenfish, Morwong, Catfish, Rays are excluded.

  • All regulations and laws covering fish no take zones, sizes, bag limits, species & boating safety must be strictly adhered to. No fish will be accepted if not conforming to these regulations.

  • BHC, organisers or sponsors will assume no responsibility for any actions that may result in breaches of these regulations or harm, loss or damage to property to yourself or others during the running of this event.

  • This is intended as a fun family day, it is intended to introduce parents and children to the benefits of team sport and the same expectations of general behaviour standards as apply to our sporting code will be enforced, any one breaking this code will be excluded from participating.

  • The Organisers and Sponsors of the event promote and support sustainable fishing; please do not take non target species and all fishing regulations and laws must be strictly adhered to.


  • 1.   Heaviest - Golden Snapper (Finger-mark) Senior & Junior

  • 2.    Heaviest - Javelin (Grunter) from Silver or Barred. Senior & Junior

  • 3.    Heaviest - Mackerel from Spanish, Spotted, Grey or Dogy. Senior & Junior

  • 4.    Heaviest - Nannygai, Largemouth. Senior & Junior

  • 5.    Heaviest – Estuary Bream. Senior & Junior

  • 6.    Heaviest - Flathead. Senior & Junior

  • 7.    Heaviest Trout. Senior & Junior

  • 8.    Heaviest Red Emperor. Senior & Junior

  • 9.    Mystery Winner – Mangrove Jack. Senior & Junior    

  • 10.  Mystery Winner - Job Fish, other Emperor Species. Mahi Mahi, Cobia or other table species (up to judges discretion – no Trevally). Senior & Junior

  • 11. Heaviest – Crayfish (Spearfishing-Category) Senior

  • 12. The Pozzi – The best artistic fishing related photo (all photos must be able to date). Open

  • 13. Mystery Winner - Cod (Under 65cm). Senior & Junior

  • 14. Mystery Winner – Grass Sweet Lip. Senior & Junior

  • 15. Mystery Prize – Crab. Senior & Junior

  • DOOR PRIZE – Car Topper Boat Quintrex 300 WANDERER (don’t even need to catch a fish or even go fishing to win) Open to all who Register in Troppos Fishing Comp 2019 Year.

  • CHA Hockey Prize - 2 Adults + 2 Children CHA Hockey Fees 2021 (Don’t need a fish or to go fishing for this Prize either.) Open to anyone who registers, who would like to enter. All Hockey Players well worth the $5 or $15 to nominate for the Troppo's Fishing Comp and see if you can win your fees for the 2021 year.

  •  4.5 Metres Boat & Under -Open to all who register who fish from a Boat 4.5 Metres and Under.

  •   Outstanding Catch of the Competition - Open to any fish caught by anyone who registers in the weekends Troppo’s Fishing Competition. Selected at the Judge/s discretion. For this Prize, a Fish may have won a prize in the competition already. This is the only exception to the rule One Fish can win one prize only.

  • Only target fish will be weighed in. Fish are identified from QLD Gov Species identification website. Each category is limited to the species defined above.


​To make sure all contestants are in with a chance six categories will be awarded to mystery winners. Only one fish of each mystery winner species will be entered per contestant and the winner drawn from the barrel.

The “Take a Quality Fish Home raffles” (anyone donating a Crab, Cray, Trout, Red Emperor or large Nannygai for these raffles) will have additional entries in the unclaimed category prize draws.

Event Sponsors

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